Colorful net bags

$25 $45

The bag is handmade crocheted by Robin team.

Even though our string bags may not look strong they can carry up to 10 lbs of whatever you want to put in them including: produce, baked goods, dairy, wine bottles, cosmetics, books, toys, gifts and other items. With a Robin bag, you will never need to buy plastic bags again or worry about waste.

Our bags are also very versatile. They are not just shopping bags. A Robin bag can be used by students to carry their books and supplies, it can take the place of a picnic basket on your next family outing, it can carry your towel and a spare set of clothes when you go to the gym, it can serve as great way to store vegetables, and it even makes a great beach bag.

Bag Size:

Used Material:100% polyester crochet lace yarn

Used Material: Viscose Silk  lace Yarn


Please contact us in case you want to order different color.

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