How to sell on Cartooli? See the list of frequently asked questions below. 

Q: I'd like to become a seller on Cartooli. What are your terms? 
A: Check out the link with our key terms:

Q: I like the terms. I'm ready to sign up. Where do I start? 
A: Selling on Cartooli is as simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. sign up for membership (monthly or annual)
  2. open your store (use the following link) and
  3. post your products for customers to buy 

Q: How will I get money for my sold products? 
A: When you create your dashboard, you have an option to pick either PayPal or online bank as your payment option. Once you ship the products, Cartooli team will transfer the money received from customer to your account. Keep in mind, depending on the option you chose, there's an additional 2-5% transaction fee. PayPal charges higher amount. Providing bank information is a lower cost option. 

Q: What information do I need to provide for product listing? 
A: Standard details, like:

  • Title - try to use a catchy name 
  • Price - in addition to a standard price, you have an option to provide "compare at" price, which should be higher than "price"; in this case, your item will show up as "on sale" on our website
  • Description - we highly recommend description to include the following: size / dimensions, fabric / material, processing time (for made to order items)
  • Weight - please include full weight of the packaged item, ready to ship; weight information will be used to calculate shipping fee and if understated, customer will end up paying less for shipping than the actual cost to the seller
  • Product Tag - if you want your product to show up in one of our catalogues on our website, make sure to select one or more appropriate tags
  • Picture - picture quality determines whether user will buy the product or not. Make sure you invest time and resources to get the best quality pictures. We recommend using white background and bright pictures. Check out this article that highlights importance of high quality product images

Q: How do I ship products? 
A: We recommend using Boxette for shipping internationally. We're working on integrating Boxette into our website, so rates are automatically calculated. You, as in the seller, are responsible for taking the product to the post office as well as for the quality wrapping / packaging of the item. Cartooli expects the sellers to drop off the package at the post office within 1-2 business days of the sale. Once the post office provides you with a tracking code, please email the code to, so we can update our records / inform customer and release money to the seller. 

Q: How is 20% commission calculated? 
A: We calculate 20% commission only on the sale price of the product. 100% of the shipping proceeds go to the seller. 

Q: How should I account for import taxes? 
A: With the US-Georgia agreement, products below $800 to have to pay import taxes

Q: How should I account for VAT (value added tax) or Sales Tax? 
A: General feedback here is to please consult your accountant / tax advisor on how to account for taxes. Below are a few handful resources. 

  • For selling in the US, most states require you exceed $100,000 in sales prior to having to pay sales tax. If you believe you are about to hit that threshold, please consult your tax advisor, to make sure you adjust your prices accordingly. You can refer to the following link for more information
  • For selling in Europe, most countries require you to exceed 35,000 Euros in sales prior to having to pay VAT. Please consult your accountant / tax advisor for more actionable insight. You can refer to the following link for more information