Mtvare Recycled Toys

Big Bunny Qeqe


Big bunny Qeqe didn't love reading books. He could do anything to delay reading. I can't read, my eyes hurt... my feet hurt, I can't read... I'm sleepy, I can' read... I'll read tomorrow...

One summer day it was pouring down, it was raining incessantly all day long. Rain didn't stop for four days. Qeqe stood in front of the window and was waiting for clear up to go to the yard and play with children, but it was raining and raining all day long.

Then Qeqe decided to read several pages while it was raining and opened the book.

The rain had stopped, the yard was full of little bunnies, but Qeqe was sitting stock-still buried himself in a book.

Ah! That's why he was forced to read! There's so much magic in this square thing! U can get much more interesting stories from a book than from little bunnies from the yard.

After that Qeqe hasn't missed a day without a  book. He tells everyone in such great stories and adventures you can drop into with a book. And there's a whole magic world in this small square thing!


Mtvare Recycled Toys needs 10 days for MTO but product can be produced within a short period of time.

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