Floating Foldable Desk by Funduki

With this listing we offer not only the product but also the concept with which we create each work. With our product you: 1. Make your daily life easier 2. Will be distinctive and original 3. Will get ecologically clean and guaranteed high quality products. Suspended desk, hanging from straps of different color choice. Made of birch plywood, hand finished with high quality varnish. Comes with two wall ball-end hooks. Requires less effort in installation and offers versatility to interior.  The desk can hold more then 15 kg. and comes  with its own pouch bag as seen on photos. Please email proffered color straps (2,5 cm). Choice of strap colors are:  dark blue, blue, light blue, yellow, orange, red, magenta.  Hanging size of the desk is 55 cm with straps length  included. Approximate Shipping Time: 🔸 Standard shipping : 21 Days on average for delivery. Delays might occur due to the current situation worldwide. 🔸 Express shipping(FedEx) : 7-10 working days. Please provide phone number for this option. 👌 Shipping has a tracking number. 🔸 All orders are specially wrapped and are ready to give as a gift 🎁

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