Mtvare Recycled Toys

Kitten Una recycled toy


Kitten Una loved ballet very much. In her free time she was dancing and dancing. She was spinning round and round on this foot and then on another one. Her beautiful swirling dresses were flying in the air.

Una wanted nothing besides dancing. She just wanted to dance and spin infinitely.

Once while spinning she felt dizzy and fall down. The doctor prohibited her to dance.

Una was despaired. What should she do now? What else could make her happy again?

Then Grandma told Una that there are millions of interesting things in the world and the happiness isn't only in dancing. Happiness is hiding in the smell of the rain, in the bubble bath, in the rustling of leaves, in the smiles of friends, in music, in the taste of chocolate ice cream in a hot, sunny day, in cinema, in the gallery, in the voice of dear people, in dreams, in books, in the eyes of favorite dog and in millions of things, the main thing just was to find it.

Then Una started to observe and lo and behold, the happiness turned out to be everywhere! Una had never felt such  euphoria, she had never felt so happy before!

She couldn't notice so many things and just danced all the time...

But you know what? If she hadn't danced, probably she wouldn't fall down and if she wouldn't fall down, grandma could not give away that secret. Because of that she feels gratitude towards ballet, and she will keep dancing but from now on she will know that happiness is everywhere!

Mtvare Recycled Toys needs 10 days for MTO but product can be produced within a short period of time.


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