გაფუჭებული ტელეფონი/Broken cellphone. Scarf.

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Material : Silk


Color : Vibran Pastel Pink/Pastel Blue/Multicolor


Size : 70x70cm (Square)

Concept : The “Broken cellphone”

“The broken cellphone” was conceived as a product of a classic Georgian game, which was one of the favorites for the kids, and it's still is, to this day. The outcome is a synthesis between Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” and the game, which represents and is dedicated to the concept of “broken” relationships, which do not create or generate anything and is an earthly glitch. Which is exactly why the hands are immersed in the glitch, - the phones are broken, attachment is impossible and artificial. In conclusion, “the broken cellphone” represents the loop of infertile relationships glitching.

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