Newborn Fawn Necklace , Pendant , Cloisonné Enamel




Each jewelry is unique and fully handmade in my workshop. Cloisonne is using tiny metal strips to make a pattern then putting powder enamel into the spaces to make design. Then it is heated in a kiln until the powder becomes glass. The piece of art is polished until its surface gets a glossy brilliant look.

My inspiration is famous Georgian writer Vazha-Pshavela ( ‘Lad of Pshav’) a master wordsmith whose works are infused with affection for nature and love for his motherland, especially his native region of Pshav in Georgia’s mountainous north. And his written ‘Roe-Deer Fawn’s Tale’ 


Pendant height 2,7  centimeters 

Pendant width 2,1 centimetersaa 


glass, silver, copper, leather

All my jewelry come gifted in a wooden box packaging

Gift wrapping available

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