shoulder bag


Handmade shoulder bag made with natural leather, natural wool thread, natural colors, which we get from plants. 

The bag is an exclusive model and be sure, that there is no analogue of it. It is distinguished by its healing properties, because the material from which it is created is natural. The item is handmade and carries the positive energy that accompanies a handmade work of art.

In addition it is very convenient and its size allows you to place all the necessary items you need for everyday use.

The crafts of Georgia  are diverse, rich in history, culture and tradition. Each craft reflects the influence of different regions of Georgia.   Throughout centuries, crafts have been embedded as a culture and tradition within rural communities.Here You will find the Best Authentic Handicraft Product to Buy

When our handmade item travels to another country, it is accompanied by the pride of the whole Georgian traditional handicraft and it is felt in every detail.

Our products allow consumers to use unique Georgian products in everyday life and thus express their individualism and special style.

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