Tiny Ceramic House, Handmade by CeramicsKD

This miniature ceramic house is made from fired Georgian red clay and is hand-painted with ceramic glaze. It is fired with electric fire at a temperature of 980C degrees.  The house is similar to those found in Tbilisi Old Town (Georgia's capital).  Georgia is located at the crossroad of old Silk Road, therefore the city's architecture is a blend of European and Asian styles giving our city a charming look and attracting many tourists.  Each detail is handmade with care and love.  The dimensions of the house: >> height- 8 cm, (3.1 inch) >> width-6 cm, (2.3 inch) >> depth-4,5 cm (1.7 inch) Georgia is also known for its ancient winemaking history and culture. Because of that, the house is adorned with vine elements. Often, you'll see vegetable and fruit stalls straight in the streets which also can be found on the main facade of this house with "fruit-vegetable" written in Georgian language.  Handmade in Georgia. Ships from Tbilisi, Georgia. Ships free to the US and UK. 

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