Mtvare Recycled Toys

Zebra Duda


The zebra Duda is the most coquette zebra in the whole world. When other zebras run back and forth, are covered all over with dust and amuse themselves with thousands of fiddlededees, Duda is sewing ruched collars.

Duda is obsessed with ruched collars. He dreams about the real sewing factory, where he can sew plenty of ruched collars for everyone who love them like Duda loves.

Zebra and sewing? Sometims others make fun of Duda, but he knows that when you love something you should definitely keep doing it. So Duda is sitting and sewing and sewing beautiful ruched collars!

Mtvare Recycled Toys needs 10 days for MTO but product can be produced within a short period of time.

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